Metal fabrications

Our range of products together with the technologies used allows us to produce different metal garments according to the preferences and needs of our customer.

As a result of our consulting services, our company designs the most innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality, design, durability and functionality.

Discover our wide range of custom-made metal products

Trolley mix

Cărucior mix



Căsuțe poștale



Red podium

Podium roșu

Salami Press

Disinfectant Device Holder

Suport dispozitiv dezinfectant

Garbage bag holder

Welding bench

Decorațiune grădină

Welding bench

Panou publicitar personalizabil

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Experience defines us. For us, the most important thing is the relationship we build over time with each partner! We offer all our experience for all those who want to promote themselves efficiently and targeted, customizing every detail of the product according to the customer's requirement!


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